Chess Learning and 50 Moves Magazine

GM Max Illingworth’s chess learning site is now up! There’s no other place where you can receive quality Grandmaster material, training and guidance from $1 a month! Check out to show your support today!

The team highly recommends 50 Moves Magazine, Australia’s official chess magazine. Here is what it looks like:


No, i didn’t deliberately pick the page with my name on it…it was the only picture of the first print issue that I could find on the internet! To have your opening conversation with GM Moulthun Ly’s awesome magazine, click this link.

There are a lot of sample pages up, you will not regret it!

Is your hand (much like GM Zong-Yuan Zhao’s hand, before taking the blundered piece that secured him the Grandmaster title) hesitating to press the purchase button for the print and digital magazine for the year? I have done it for you here.



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