Introducing the Australia Kangaroos

Our team boasts four of Australia’s very best players, and they are…

GM Zong-Yuan Zhao (FIDE 2543, ACF 2612), Australia’s no.1 player on both FIDE and ACF ratings.


GM Max Illingworth (FIDE 2482, ACF 2586), the 2017 Australian Open Champion and a chess theoretician.


GM Moulthun Ly (FIDE 2486, ACF 2494), editor of Australia’s ’50 Moves Magazine’ and the first Cambodian-born Grandmaster. You can learn more here.


IM James Morris (FIDE 2478, ACF 2547), winner of the 2016 Doeberl Cup and one of Australia’s most promising young players.


While watching us deliver heavy blows to the competition, you might enjoy a heavy musical accompaniment:

You can get in touch with the team here.

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